Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Gold stamping

                                                                 - stamping polish send to me by BornPrettyStore-

Hello friends!

Long time no see, I know. Sorry, I've just been very busy with my job and some family stuff I had to take care of.

But, now everything is more or less back to normal, so let's continue :)

I have another BornPrettyStore stamping polish for you, this time it's gold, and I think it's the perfect gold shade for upcoming holiday season.

This is a true yellow gold polish, and, as you can see, it stamps very well. I used BP02 lace plate for this mani over black polish and, as you can see, the image is very crisp and the polish totally opaque, which is something we all expect from a stamping polish.

I know some of you may be worried about the smell of this polish, and I can tell you it's barely noticeable and, I'm sure you remember I suffer from migraines and bad smells are one of my triggers, and had no problem with this one. It dries fast, transfers well and I can tell you I will be using it A LOT this holiday season, it's just the perfect gold shade :)

I did another manicure with it, this time over A England Let me in (a polish a fell in love with, but I'll show you more some other time). I didn't try it over white polish, but, in my experience, if a polish stamps good over black, it's even better over white. Here I used BornPretty L007 plate I bought during their recent sale:

This polish currently costs $3.99 and I think it is so worth the money.

This is where you can buy it:

Item number is 22179, polish #1, and don't forget to use my code RAPYX31 for 10% off your entire order :)

What is your favourite colour for stamping? Let me know in the comments :)



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