Monday, 22 February 2016

Paw Palette Ring

                                                                      -ring provided by BornPrettyStore-


I thing by now you know I love stamping and gradients, and can't do free hand nail art if it saved my life :) That's why I wanted to challenge myself and order this ring palette from BornPrettyStore:

Basically, it's a little palette for when you're making decals: you drop polish and place it on your ring so it's easier to do stamping decals, or painting things on your nails, if are unlike me and can actually do free hand nail art :) Plus it comes in paw shape and is very adorable, so I went ahead and tried.

I wanted to make some decals for nail art contest I am participating in (find it on Instagram with hastag #clairestelle8feb), so I put FoxyPaws Polish Too Lost In You and A England Saint George, stamped and image from my BP-73 plate (I love this plate so much!),  using my clear jelly stamper, also from BornPrettyStore, placed the ring on my finger and started. And I did it! Look!

While my first decal was drying, I took my chances again, on another stamper

I know this is not an essential nail tool, but it made my life SO MUCH easier! I use to drop polish on plastic or hard paper I could find, and the drop would spread, making the polish dry faster and basically, if I wanted a decal, I had to use several drops of polish to make it work. In the palette, the polish stays wet longer, therefore, so much easier to work with, and you don't waste as much. Plus, it's on your finger, so you can work fast, no need to look where your polish is because it's right there! I love this little ring palette! It looks so cute you can wear it as a ring, or, if you feel like it, you can drop polish in it and make it an extra special ring :)
I will, however, keep it as my little helping hand in making decals. Who knows, maybe I'll venture to free hand nail art with it :)

This is my final result:

This is where to buy it, you'll have 2 options, paw shape like mine, or classic palette shape:

Don't forget to use RAPYX31 for 10% off your order :)



Sunday, 14 February 2016

Hearts Stamping Plate

                                                                    - plate provided by BornPrettyStore-

Happy Valentine's day, folks!

Of course I have hearts for Vday :) I know you stocked up on your love plates for this year, but it's never to late to start thinking ahed, and besides, hears are always a good choice for stamping :)
This is BornPrettyStore plate BP-61

It's very cute, and as all BornPrettyStore plates, very well etched and a breeze to stamp with.
This is what I did:

I especially like the last one, those brokend hearts are so good! (stamped with black stamping polish from previous post ;) )

This is where you buy this pretty plate:

And as always, don't forget to use my code RAPYX31 for 10% off your order.



Thursday, 11 February 2016

BornPretty Store Black Stamping Polish

                                                                               -stamping polish provided by BornPrettyStore-


Today, I am reviewing one of the most essential tool in a stamping lover life: black stamping polish.
Everyone who ever tried to stamp their nails knows that a good stamping polish is basically the most important for getting clear, sharp images, and probably also knows how hard it is to find a good black stamping polish. It needs to be pigmented, it needs to work well with the stamper, and it needs to be really, really black. I present, black stamping polish from BornPrettyStore

This polish is everything a stamping polish needs to be: very black, very pigmented, easy to work with. It will, like most black polishes, stain your skin a little if you get too much of it on it, but nothing a little acetone and a good brush can't fix, or you can use one of many latex barriers on the market for protecting your fingers while stamping. I won't do much talking, I will just let pictures talk:

Well, I think that's enough? :) Anyway, this polish is so very good, I didn't use anything else for black stamping since I got it.

This is the link:

It's a great bargain for just $4.79 for 15ml bottle, it goes a long way.

And when you buy it, don't forget to use my code RAPYX31 for 10% off your order.



Friday, 5 February 2016

BornPrettyStore Clear Jelly Stamper Review

Hello everybody!

I'm sorry I've been away for so long, but sometimes life happens, and it's throwing quite the punches, so I've had some family business I needed to do.

Today I have a really special treat for you: clear jelly stamper from BornPrettyStore. You may have heard about those cute little thingies, they are stampers with clear stamper heads and a hole in the back of the stamper, so you see exactly where you stamp and it's much easier to centre your designs.
I have to admit I was a bit sceptical when these started to pop all over Instagram, and I've heard they are hard, plus, I was quite happy with those I had (FabUrNails, MoyouLondon and BornPrettyStore), but when the opportunity presented it self, my curiosity got the best of me :D
And boy am I happy I got it!

This is how it looks, the left picture is the head of the stamper, and the right one is the bottom of it. See how clear the image is? The best part? This baby picks up the image right away with no problem whatsoever and it doesn't need priming! It is a little harder than usual soft and squishy stampers, but it's really easy to work with. This image is from BornPrettyStore BP-73 plate.

This is the little cute cat form BornPretty BP 59 plate I already showed you :) See, clear image!

And this is me, stamping the roses to my nails :) You can see how practical this is, you can turn it and place the image on your nails and actually see what you're doing :)

Here's the finished mani, where you can see how well the images transferred, no patches, all crisp and clear :)

I can't recommend this one enough, it's a truly great product and if you like stamping, trust me, you need it.

It costs $2,99 and this is where you can buy it:

I have this purple one, but if you like some other colours, there are options here:

Naturally, don't forget to use my code RAPYX31 for 10% off your order.



Thursday, 21 January 2016

BornPretttyStore cat, deer and sheep plate

                                                                                          - press sample -

Hello everyone!

I often get products from BornPrettyStore and they are always great, but sometimes they instantly become a favourite. That happened a few days ago when I opened the box and found this plate in it:

Yes, I chose it, but when I saw it live! Just look at that cuteness overload! Cats! Sheep! Deer! I think this even might be Bambi? <3 So adorable!

As usual with BornPrettyStore plates, they are well etched, and work perfectly with every kind of polish. Here I used a black stamping polish from BornPrettyStore (also great, but you will see more of it in the next few days) over a light teal polish from Pahlish, Ghost lights.

How adorable are those cats? I love them so much!

The plate is BP-52, item number 19362, and you can buy it here:

Don't forget to use my code RAPYX31 for 10% off your order when you check out :)



Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Parrot Polish Black Magic

Hello folks!

By now, I'm sure you know I like Parrot Polish very much, and have quite a few of them. You also probably know I love dark polish, and it doesn't get darker than black :D And when that black polish is holo, and it's thermal....

This is Black Magic, a thermal polish that is black when cold, and grey when warm. It is simply gorgeous! 

The applications, like all Parrot polishes is flawless, two coats, top coat, and you're good to go! 

I love stamping in complementary colours on thermals,  the stamping slowly appearing is magical :) 

They have a lot of thermals, and I plan to get my hands on a few those very soon :) 



Sunday, 27 December 2015

BornPrettyStore L026 Stamping Plate

                                                                                                -press sample -

Hello friends!

I hope you had a merry Christmas and that you had the chance to spend it with your family and loved ones.
Before we enter new year, let's have a look at one of the big stamping plates from BornPrettyStore, BP-L026. This one has all kinds of leaves and the images are quite big so it will work great if you have long nails.

As usual with BornPretty plates, the images are etched nicely and transfer great, and you'll have a nice manicure in no time at all. I did 2 manicures with it so far:

This gradient is done with 2 China Glaze polishes, the purple is All aboard, and the gold sparkly beauty is Angel Wings.

This is Black Hole Sun by FoxyPawsPolish, stamped with BornPretty white stamping polish I reviewed a few days ago. You can see how well it transferred to the nail. I didn't use a stamping polish on manicure above, but it still transferred greatly, and that's thanks to the well etched plate.

This is the plate:

Don't forget to use my code RAPYX31 for 10% off your order :)