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Nail care with Cuter Cuticles

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Hello friends!

How are you? Are you looking forward to autumn? I have to admit, I am. We've had a pretty hot summer in Croatia, I feel like we were on heat wave alert for 2 months, and my migraine was acting up during those hot days, so I am very much looking forward to autumn crisp nights. However, I am not looking forward to all the fog: I live in a town with 4 rivers, and sometimes I think the fog here is a living, breathing, scary creature. :)
Anyway, back to business. :) I always talk of nail polish and stamping plates and all sorts of nail art here, and I thought today we might go back to basics: nail care. I'm sure you all know all kinds of tips and tricks for having healthy nails, so I will just tell you what I do.
First of all, I have to tell you that I've been blessed with good genes, my nails are basically healthy and they are really very low maintenance. They are quite hard, which means they are prone to breaking, and that's why I need a good moisturizing routine, to keep them flexible so that they bend and not break. As far as a base coat goes, I always use one, these days it's either The Knight by A England or Essie's Help me grow. But, the real secret is the cuticle oil. For a very long time, I've been using products from Cuter Cuticles.

Cuter Cuticles is a Canadian indie brand with nail care products, and I got myself addicted to Coffee Bean Cuticle oil. I have my own oil blend I made at home, and I use it, but I always go back to my Coffee Bean, I am never without it :) It smells like freshly ground coffee, but the scents is not overwhelming, just enough to make you sniff your fingers all the time :)
This was my last order:

Yes, I am the coffee monster :D What can I say, I really really love coffee. :)

There are a whole lot of scents in the shop, and if you would like a scent that is not listed, just ask, and the owner Sammy will hook you up :)

Except oils, Cuter Cuticles has balms, they are called Barrier Butter and they are perfect, especially for winter, when our hands, nails and cuticles are more prone to be dry and suffer from the harsh weather. There are also mani bombs, and mani tea. I bought mani tea with my last order, and it's excellent, smells divine and after you soak your hands in it, they feel so smooth and nourished.

They work like tea for your hands, take a bowl of hot water, put the bag in, wait for a couple of minutes for the water to cool and the tea to soak, and then you can enjoy a little bath for your hands, and your feet. :)  I usually soak my hands after I file my nails, once a week, sometimes more often if I was gardening a lot

See how my nails are healthy? I know they are yellow, that's what you get when you wear dark polishes most of the time, but still, they look quite nice :)

Cuter Cuticles also has liquid latex called Cutie Guard, it's a latex barrier you put around your nails when you do messy nail art, like gradients, and it's a life saver for me.

I can't recommend Cuter Cuticles products enough, so please go and check the store and order something, you will not regret it! The prices are reasonable, you won't pay a lot for shipping, and I'm sure you will get yourself hooked just as I did :)

This is the shop:  
Facebook page:
What do you use for nail care? Tell me in the comments :)



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