Monday, 4 May 2015

Turquoise Stone Nails

Ever since I started this blog, and doing my nails on a daily bases, I wanted to be good at water-marbling. Unfortunately, I have yet to succeed in getting to spread my polish and making an actual design, so I take the fast road and stamp, sponge or use nail vinyls.
I so wanted to do the turquoise stone nails, and I watched a bunch of tutorials, but I was also to lazy to try the spraying technique, so I came up with my own. I did a base of Essie "garden variety", then I cut off a piece of sponge, took my tweezers and sponged the gold polish (Essie "jiggle hi, jiggle low) and then did the same thing with black polish. I think it turned out quite good:

Next time, I promise, I'll try water-marbling and spray :)



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