Thursday, 16 April 2015

Smoothie nail polish from Misslyn

I think by now you guys know I like holographic polishes, and I was very happy when I ran into Misslyn Smoothie polishes from their Forbidden fruits make up collection in my local Mueller.
I don't buy many mainstream polishes anymore, because, lets me frank, the indie makers spoiled me with their creativity, great formulas and different finishes. I do, however, buy Misslyn, I like their colours and they have some great polishes for stamping, so colour me impressed when I saw those Smoothie polishes are holographic. Also, I don't really care for the colour green, but my oh my, was this one pretty. Just look!

This one is called Kiwi bomb, and it's a very strong green with holo effect. All the polishes in the Smoothie collection are a little textured, they have dots that really look like you have a smoothie on your nail :) The cats on my nails are water decals I got from a friend.

There are 3 polishes in Smoothie collection, but I bought only two, kiwi bomb and Sweet blackberry, a hot pink, magenta holo with tiny dots. It's very, very pretty :) The third one is pink, the colour I only wear in neon shades :) This magenta however, is my kind of colour :)

I did some stamping on it, with Misslyn's Snow white polish and Moyou London Tourist plate.

I liked these polishes very much, the formula is ok, they're easy to apply, and I did apply a top coat because I don't really like textured feeling on my nails. I do own a few of Misslyn polishes and they are all very good formula wise, and, as I've said, I like when a mainstream company gets what goes on in the indie market and follows accordingly. :)
I don't know where to buy Misslyn polishes overseas, but here in Croatia (and most of Europe, I think) you can find them in all Mueller drugstores.

Do you buy mainstrem polishes? Which ones? Tell me in the comments.



  1. Kivi je predivan i pecatiranje sa mackicama je bas super! :)