Sunday, 15 March 2015

More A England

Hello, folks! :) 
You didn't really think I just got 3 A England polishes, did you? :)
Well, let me show you the rest. 
This is beauty is Saint George. As you may know, Saint George is the patron saint of England, and you can find out more about how this polish was named right here: A England Glossary
Anyway, this is a gorgeous polish, and coming from someone who doesn't really like green, and doesn't have a lot of green polishes (I think this is only my 2nd one), I am very much in love with it. It's holo, and it has this blueish glow, and I love it

I used for a nail art challenge the other day, you can find it all on Instagram. Seriously, go follow me, I'm @therapywithnailpolish

This is Dancing with Nureyev. Again, if you want to know how it was named visiti the Glossary link above. This is a beautiful blue/lavender holo, used here in a twin nails post on Instagram with my polish pal @secretjewelgarden.

And this is the solo shot. I used Nail Vinyls as a little accent, because this was just too pretty to cover up.

My dark loving heart was extremely happy when I put this on. This is Sleeping Palace, a dark eggplant holo with the prettiest holo flame I have ever seen.

The formula on all A England polishes I bought is perfect, most of them are one coaters, although I feel better when I apply two thin ones. I also recommend base and top coat from this brand, I find them both very good, I even think I found my go to base and top coat.

Anyways, my crush on A England continues, I don't think there's a single polish on their site I don't like, so you will see more of them here :)